New Items

Starbucks DoubleShot Espresso

Double Shot Cubano is Inspired by Cuban-Style Espresso Coffee

Espresso & Salted Caramel Cream Brings Hints of Up-Leveled Flavor to a Coffee Anchored in Espresso


Stubborn Soda

All about getting things done the right way- no compromises, all determination. Unique twists on familiar flavors to surprise & delight your taste buds! Fair Trade Certified Cane Sugar and only Natural Flavors.


IZZE Fusions (Late Feb)

It’s ….a sorta soda….a sorta juice….a sorta new way to beverage!


Premium LIFE WTR

LIFEWTR is Designed to Refresh the Creative Mind, Restore the Creative Body and Inspire the Creative Spirit. Purified, pH Balanced with Electrolyte Minerals for Taste. Rotating Artwork Curated by Relevant Artists.

 Lemon Lemon  (Late Feb)

Lemon Lemon is a refreshing, modern take on the classic Lemonade, combining Real Lemon Juice with Sparkling Water.


Pure Leaf Tea House Collection

The Tea Shop Experience. Anytime. Anywhere

Finest tea leaves brewed with fruits and herbs for an aromatic refreshing tea taste.


Pure Leaf Flavor Extensions

Great Tasting Refreshing Fresh Brewed Taste with just a Hint of Flavor. Two new Great Tasting Flavors, Pomegranate and Mint!



Introducing ROCKSTAR Revolt Killer Citrus flavor.. another “Killer” Innovation

ROCKSTAR Cucumber Lime with Electrolytes…